04 May 2013

starfish double prime

its one of these things we call day.
your eyes are open and the orange cat
is waiting on the edge of the
next room.

you almost set the world on fire and
then of course this song gets sung the
day after so much loss of
life and limb.
- the number of murders we see here and there.

takes 2 more helpings and
the next meal is on me - fake blood and
heads with the dreamed of valhalla
whistling softly past their lips and the wind
in the trees.

the eucalyptus of dresden and the lost semantics
of despair.

listen to that wave - how cleanly she breaks.

you might think that altamont
was the end of this or that thing - eagle, hawk,
swallow or bat.

wait your turn for the next round and
the next round will wait
for you in turn -

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