24 October 2012


on a part of the question
of how we might distinguish
between that which has
and that which does not:

well, one thing is clear
any rock borrows nothing
to be -
which you simply cannot
of an artifact -
always built from somebody's bones -
nothing made from
what wasn't -
what is here –
what is made
is made with what is here -
the question of how we treat corpses
is the place in this world
where our traveling
thought and the
beat of the earth
what is here
was here. hear the
nuthatch's tin horn
and try to remember
the last hummingbird
you saw -
what is made
was made from the corpse of what is
see the diatom dead
at the bottom
of the sea. the seas die.
i see across the water
i see the refinery at cherry
ive seen kinglets and chickadees
and sparrows collude.
how often these tall flames
from the mainland –
we are the ghosts.
you are a ghost. you are.