28 May 2009

now is a good time to laugh - may 2006

is there a person in this room id hunt with?
you who have no luck

you who talk too much - saying all the wrong things.

take a look at the mirror in my pocket
you who have no sidewalk
beneath you - who have no sky
beneath you
who have no way
to see you

i am not here to tell you
"you are pretty!" "you are smart!"

neither of us is old enough for these lies
we do not know the terrain
we cannot make our horses sleep in the cool dawn

your face is not thinking clearly enough.

your sneakers are wearing down faster than your new found love can grow.
its a lie to say you dont know why and besides
the sky will tell you everything

the sand clotted feathers on the beach - do you think they grow on

your own breath is lousy with rocks and
stone and
the forest that lives behind your breast is
filled with last thoughts and deeds

say goodbye and beg for mercy
says the world that you kill

its in the air tonight.

a futile hope for jet fuel and please return the olden days of round
tables and our cheap wit.
arent we tired of our useless coils and braided words that circle the
drain clockwise or not.

whose time do we tell as well as our own?

look at your blank faces and look at the fire eating sky
which photograph will save you now?

you want to be thanked for these dead swans
what kind of mask have you earned - i'll tell you

i'll tell you

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