15 October 2007

a poem regarding an idea regarding empire

it seems that the left
has always
wanted -
in america, i mean -
has always - excuse me,
wanted -
can i please get a drink -

to be a part
ahem ahem
of some
kind of ummm
you know

like what they had in france

against hitler

berets and wide shoulders
and wide cigarettes
called gauloises -

for the love of
the marvel
of it all
for tomorrow
we may die.

call it resistance.

who do we know
who knows what resistance
truly is?
who do we know
who right now battles
an invader?

if the dragon
(and i mean no harm to dragons)
is coming toward you
and its intentions
are cruel
you fight with your teeth
and your claws
and you dont stop
until the dragon retreats.

if the dragon is
maybe you
know something
of use to those fighting
for their
lives -

how to make it stop
how to kill it
from behind.

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