25 September 2007

3 poems of the first day of fall

first day of fall 1

this morning
elegances return -
2 big ravens circle those trees -
loudly engaged.
half the world is blue and half is grey.

yesterday we saw
three hermit thrushes in
the green dappled sun
of the last summer day.

first day of fall 2

its a day of dusty robins
our practices augmented
look into these black eyes
in the primary tongue we say,
timber - we say, let's see
cash - we say our time
is stolen - hold up these
centuries with this book
or that and now there are
two, more,
small eyes watching.
the anti-hero is
also a lie. you dont
need a tracheotomy
to know which way the wind
any chainsaw knows the tune.

first day of fall 3

fog on the hill top
some leaves are red, some turning -
i keep scaring birds.

the night arrives on
fifteen robin's wings - rain gossips
through yellowed leaves.

20 varied thrushes
flushed into the fogged lower limbs -
the sun on the sea.

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